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Two industry leaders.

One incredible future.

With a firm commitment to attain market leadership, we are thrilled to announce the incredible merger of Builders Asphalt and Arrow Road Construction. With a shared commitment to excellence and a wealth of remarkable accomplishments, this merger represents a transformative moment for both our organizations.

Hear from Builders' President, Ryan Gandy and Arrow Road President,

John Healy on our exciting future ahead.

Ryan Gandy

President, Builders Asphalt, LLC

"This isn't just about combining two companies; it's about merging ideas, visions, and talents to create something extraordinary."

John Healy

President, Arrow Road Construction

"Builders has an aggressive entrepreneurial spirit in its approach to business, a trait that matches perfectly with Arrow. Like Arrow, Builders focuses on investing in people, technology, plants, and equipment to improve operations. With our company's impressive track record spanning over a century, this merger brings together a wealth of experience and innovation." 

Merging with a Century of Industry Experience.

Merger Highlights

This merger represents far more than the union of two companies; it signifies the start of an inspiring journey towards something truly exceptional. Together, we're committed to reaching new heights and becoming industry leaders.

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Merger Resources




Asphalt Production Plants


Tons of Annual Hot Mix Asphalt Production


Projected Gross Annual Revenues

Leading Together

Our Merged Leadership Team

One of the many exciting aspects of this merger is the incredible talent that will be joining Builders Asphalt from Arrow Road Construction. We are thrilled to announce that Jack Healy will be appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO), bringing his wealth of experience and leadership to the Builders' team. In addition, John Healy will assume the position of Chief Integration Officer (CIO), ensuring that the new Builders' team maintains the exceptional standards of excellence that Arrow has proudly established for more than a century.


Ryan Gandy

Chief Executive Officer


Jack Healy

Chief Operating Officer


John Healy

Chief Integration Officer


Downloadable Material

Your Questions Answered

Merger FAQs

We understand that employees may have concerns or questions about the merger. To address these, we will provide support and resources, including access to HR representatives, FAQ documents, and open forums for discussion. We are here to assist employees in navigating any changes or challenges that may arise.

What support and resources will be available to employees who may have concerns or questions about the merger? 

Communication is a top priority throughout the merger process. Employees can expect regular updates, departmental summits, and opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback. We are dedicated to keeping everyone informed and engaged throughout the transition.

What can employees expect in terms of communication and updates throughout the merger process? 

To ensure a smooth transition and maintain operational efficiency during the integration process, we will enlist each department in mapping out their respective integration plans with guidance from leadership.

What measures will be taken to ensure a smooth transition and maintain operational efficiency during the integration process? 

This merger will create exciting opportunities for career advancement and development within the newly expanded organization! As we grow and expand our operations, there will be openings in various departments and locations, providing employees with avenues for career growth and professional development.

What opportunities will this merger create for career advancement and development within the newly expanded organization?  

We value the unique cultures and values of both companies. While there may be some adjustments to align with our overarching mission, we will strive to preserve the positive aspects of each company's culture. Our goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all employees.

Will there be any changes in company culture or values as a result of the merger? 

The integration process will be carefully planned and executed to minimize disruption. Effective immediately, Arrow will begin bidding as Builders Asphalt. As we move forward, employees can expect a structured transition period with clear communication and guidance. Builders Asphalt will conduct introductory meetings with each Arrow team member to facilitate a seamless integration. Updates on the integration progress and any changes that may impact roles or responsibilities will be conveyed on a regular basis. By January 2024, both teams will be fully integrated together, creating a unified and stronger approach to the future. Additional information and updates are on the horizon, stay tuned!

How will the integration process be handled, and what can employees expect during the transition period?

When it comes to management teams, there may be opportunities for integrating their functions, which could result in opportunities for employees of both companies. Our aim is to combine the best of both organizations' leadership to drive the success of the newly expanded entity. Any changes will be communicated transparently to ensure a smooth transition.

What will happen to the management teams of both companies? Will there be any leadership changes?

We are committed to maintaining competitive employee benefits, compensation, and retirement plans. While there may be some adjustments to align policies, our goal is to ensure that all employees continue to receive comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefits packages at a minimum equal to what they were receiving before.

How will employee benefits, compensation, and retirement plans be affected, if at all?

Your jobs are secure, and we genuinely appreciate the contributions each one of you brings to our team. We hold our employees in the highest regard, recognizing them as our most valuable asset. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring job security throughout this process and beyond. While we may introduce certain optimizations to enhance our operations and take advantage of synergies, we want to emphasize that there will not be any layoffs. Our commitment is unwavering, and our primary goal is to retain and fully support every member of our combined workforce.

How will this merger impact job security for employees at both companies? Are there plans for layoffs or workforce changes?

The decision to merge with Arrow Road was driven by our strategic goals of achieving market leadership, revenue and profit growth, geographic expansion, and cost synergies. By bringing both companies together, we aim to strengthen our position in the market, increase our revenue and profitability, expand our geographic reach, and realize cost savings through synergies.

Why was the decision made to merge with Arrow Road Construction, and what are the strategic goals behind this move?

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